Watch what you say...

We really should watch what we say and how we say it to children. It seems obvious but I would be willing to bet that there isn't a child alive right now that hasn't been scared by some stupid adult.

I can remember being a very young child. (Read 3 or 4 years old) I was being watched by my aunt and uncle who were not even adults yet themselves. I remember I took a shit in the toilet. (Something most kids get praised for.) Unfortunately I guess it was an unusually large shit. They tormented me and made fun of me. Hello complex. I developed issues actually using the bathroom after that. I was embarrassed of a natural body function. I can remember a few years later when having been uncomfortable using the bathroom at my grandmothers house, I fought to hold it in and actually made myself sick.

Kids need to know what's normal and not be tormented for it. They need to know that bullies and bullying are not okay. Adults need to learn to make sure children understand why you are getting on to them. If a child is reprimanded but never explained the reason behind it they could easily develop a complex.

For instance when I was around 7. I was taken out to eat by 2 adults. 1 I didn't know well 1 I did very well. Unfortunately I guess what I was trying to order was the expensive stuff. (Hey kids do that.) I guess I had done this a couple times. I was reprimanded and told I had too expensive taste. Imagine if I had just been explained to that the item I was looking at was expensive and I wouldn't be able to eat all of it by myself, how about this item. Anything would have been good really. After that point anytime I have ever gone to eat I try to find the cheapest and smallest thing to eat. I was embarrassed of being too expensive even for myself.

Remember folks kids are humans learning to human. Treat them as such.

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