The purpose in pieces.

This blog isn't really for anyone. It's for me. Each day I have thoughts that go through my head. Thoughts I wanna yell at others. Thoughts I want to burry down deep. We all do, it's natural. From the asshole who cut you off on the road and you just wanna scream at him. But being a good person means bottling that shit up. That's what we are always told. You might offend someone or you might upset someone. So this is my corner to be able to unload. Unload the triggering memories. Unload the good and the bad. Why put this stuff online? You aren't supposed to share these things with the world. Write in a diary. Write a book. It's online because maybe someone else will read it and find their words and speak out. I don't care anymore what the world thinks of me. So I will share my heart and my brain. I have never been good at a diary and for sure couldn't put my thoughts in succinct order to write a book.

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