So much to say...

First and foremost. I stand with Palestine.

Enough with this bullshit of providing the weapons needed to decimate entire civilizations. Seriously Isreal did NOT exist for ever. Then because your book that was written by kings to control the poor and uneducated, states this is the promised land and when "his people" return so will he. Have you lost your damn mind? Seriously your god is gone and isn't coming back.

I know many will balk at the next thing I am about to say but oh well it's true. Welcome to the New World Order. Seriously we are no longer just countries worrying about those within our boundaries. We are 1 world united. If we really are the caring people we claim to be then a suburban mom should stand with a monk in china. The governments can't handle it anymore. The people are taking the power back.

My fear is who is taking that power as things change. If the trumpets can make the splash they did it is concerning for our future. I hope that people who believe in science and logic and reasoning can prevail. Money as we see it and use it today is on it's death bed. Think about it. When 1 man fully cashed out could crush the economy of a country or even purchase a small country. Well we may have a problem. We have several of those men currently. If Bezos, Musk, Buffet, and Gates all decided they wanted to go buck wild, they could purchase every inch of land around the world. They have that much money. 4 people. Does that even begin to make sense?

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