It's not all doom and gloom.

I know I seem to preach and lot of doom and gloom. Maybe I sound "woke". Honestly I am quite happy now. Yes I still fight the depression beast. That's not going away soon. The PTSD isn't something I fight daily now. Oh believe me every time I see that truck drive down the road, I hope to see a fireball in my rearview mirror. So I may be petty or spiteful or hateful. But I don't care.

I have been happy though. My company is getting going slowly. My other ventures are gaining traction. This here well it may if I mention it. That's the fun part of doing this for me. I am putting it out there. I am just letting it go where it goes. What my brain spills out is what is here. I still smoke massive quantities of cannabis. I spend most of my day high. It's what keeps those other voices quiet.

The bubbles are starting to get going again. We actually saw other people blowing bubbles. It's pretty cool to see. We just keep stepping our game up. We have hats and other fun stuff now. Joining the mafia has never been so fun.

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