I saw you...

It's always been fun for me to watch people. To see how they react to different things. To watch as they go on with life. It has taught me a lot about humans and how dumb they truly are.

We go through our day thinking no one saw us. Maybe even hoping no one saw us. From the person who is doing a little internet stalking, or the person trying to hide from the internet. We are also all guilty of being that person. Hell I know I am. I have researched so many people and what they represent and who they are. Did you know you can set up special alerts if someone types in a search term? Yeah it's pretty cool.

To those special people that think I am hiding from them. Trust me I am not. I am here I am open. I just won't invite you into my inner life. You didn't earn it and you don't deserve it. Just know that you really have to be a fuck up to have both of your children want nothing to do with you. LOL I saw you...

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