Greed is ugly!

We live in a world dominated by greed. Greed from representatives who sell out their constituents before they ever begin making laws. Greed from companies who are looking out for the bottom dollar. Greed from our friends, family, and neighbors. The capitalist way doesn't seem to be working. I am sure it would if it were checked. It's horrible to see people unable to afford food, medicine, or shelter. All while there are people with BILLIONS of dollars. There are people who have generational wealth. They will never have to lift a finger and STILL at the end of their lives will have billions to hand down to their children's children. This is a serious problem. While the money was gained legally, we all know it was gained using every loophole known to man.

Why is it so bad to want for your neighbor to not have to struggle to make ends meet? Why must we be upset when someone else makes a dollar more an hour. It's not their fault you aren't making more. It's the owner of your company. We are misled and fed stories of success. Temporarily embarrassed millionaires. We are told to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Guess what pulling up on the bootstraps while your foot is in the boot doesn't pick your foot up. It just makes sure the boot is on. I don't have a solution. My solutions are always shot down as to aggressive. Maybe one day we will all stand up and actually unite as humans to fix things.

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